Flying an Object along a Path in Illustrator

Lord of the Flies

Here is another school project using Illustrator’s follow path. We were to design a book cover for one of five famous books. My choice was “The Lord of the Flies”. After choosing and placing the text font, converting to outlines and creating some swashes, I made an outline using the offset path on the group of outlined text. I then drew just one fly, made it a library object and had it randomly space and spin around the path. One larger fly at the end of the R’s swash and I was done.

…and of course with Illustrator you can adjust the number, scale, distance and rotation along the path “on the fly”. 😉

I should have left the assignment there, but I overdid it and did an illustration in Photoshop of the the boar’s head from the story. The digital painting wasn’t bad, it was just too much, now that I look back.

Lord of the Flies Boar''s Head

As you can see the mockup cover was too busy and too dark. It would have been far better to just rely on the strength of the typography.

LOTF cover

Happy Anniversary

25th anniversary script

An old friend had a big anniversary and wanted a crest for a silver jewellery box and this is what we settled on to have engraved. It’s an Adobe Illustrator calligraphy brush tip using a Wacom tablet for the initials and the year in a simple sans typeface (Benton).