[Let’s face it. Few people read an “About” page, but you’ve made it this far…. ]

I’ve worked as a designer and illustrator, for a large number of companies and in a number of mediums and styles. Along with the challenge of tech changes over time and over different forms of marketing, I’ve always tried to stay current enough to continue working. [At least until a car accident, took me out of the action a few years back]

Hence the name “Graphic Improv” adapting to those changes in methodology to get ‘er done, often on the run. 🙂

Country home
Mixed Illustrator and Photoshop ~ 2015

I’ve worked in lithography, thermography, flexography, intaglio & gravure, hotstamp foil, letterpress, silkscreen and a few weird ones, and now, some web. I’ve done artwork with pen and brush, paints and ink and from hand set and “pulled” galley-proofs for type to digital optical text galley-proofs for paste-up with wax and glue, until now with the digital revolution. So the point is, I’ve had to change quickly as methods and media have changed. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but always to learn [or get help from someone who knows how, in case of deadlines].

This is a rough assembly of digital and analog projects past. Some would say I’m a generalist; as I’ve changed to suit the client and the times, I’d have to agree. However, I’ve always tried to enjoy the design/print/web challenges that come with changing times.

This is not all I have done, by all means. There are lost menus from years when menus were art; “bread & butter” jobs that came and went but paid the rent; projects covered by NDAs; and of course, the stuff just too horrible to admit to.

Life being random and all.

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News Update

Covid-19 coming to an end? That’s the ultimate question for now. Stay safe and with anticipation, we can do some face to face with our familiy and friends this year. Here’s hoping for growth and creativity, time and the wisdom to use it wisely in this pandemic.