Bike-Packer for the Long Time Rider

Bike Packer

I used to ride my bike with a few guys in the summer on long trips. We rode 5-600km in 2 weeks or so. We rode in Quebec, Newfoundland and northern Scotland – which I can tell you – is not flat.

I had a school project that required 3D [Maya] and some video. We had to come up with a product to sell.

Bike Packer idea

My idea – since I loved to bike – was to create a bike pack that converted to a back pack. You could lock up your bike and hike into a spot, camp and hike back out. The idea came to me in Scotland, when we had to leave our bikes to climb a hill. You certainly couldn’t take the bike up the “Munro” hill. Unloading your bike would take seconds and you had an easy to carry pack that you could take into your hotel or hostel.

Hence – the Bike-Packer – © 2006 GraphicImprov

I’ve not been biking the last 4 years, since being injured in a car accident. I’m hoping to bike again someday. Maybe I’ll even get to make a real Bike-Packer.

In the meantime, watch what you’re doing.

Don’t text and drive. Put the phone down or use hands-free if you have to use a phone. But, really, just use some common sense. You’ll be saving more lives by waiting until you’re off the road.