The Book of Old Souls

The Book of Old Souls- cover
Familiars - the cat as spirit messenger - poster
Here be Dragons - from dinosaurs - web scaled
Cannabis sativa linnaeus - poster

The idea for “the Book of Old Souls” is a collection of drawings that reflect the unusual side of life. Things that happen all around us, inexplicably at times.

the book of old souls

The ongoing collection of images will, I hope, shadow a story idea that I had a long time ago. It may show up someday. Stay tuned. Life is random.

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The connection with animals and mysticism are interesting. Animals are intelligent and been domesticated to help with our work, but does the connection go deeper than just the symbiosis for food and survival?


Across many world wide yet unconnected cultures, the medicine man or witch would be said to send or work utilize commonly through a small animal, pet or wildlife possessed by fairies or demons as magical aids. Are some people just a little more capable of ‘whispering’ than others?


Here be Dragons

Why is there such a strong resemblance of dinosaurs to the dragons of lore? The cross-cultural and historical references go back as far as the records. However the last dinosaur seen by any living creature was over 65 million years ago and certainly not by any great ape that may have evolved into man. Is it a memory built into our very genes or some mass consciousness that some life force carries across millennium?

Plants [Cannabis Sativa]

Thousands of plants with thousands of properties grace our biosphere. So many health products over the centuries have been extracted and cataloged from the forests, jungles and deserts for medicinal qualities. Many more are discovered or lost every year.

cannabis sativa thumb

Help yourself to a copy of my poster to print. If you do take a copy, please send me a comment on my contact page. I would love to know where you’re from. Maybe buy me a coffee sometime.

Thumbnail of free Cannabis poster
Full size poster is 24″ x 36″

Click link to download free poster: Cannabis 2’x3′ or Cannabis 12″x18″ (half-size)

This cannabis sativa drawing has been completely redrawn from the famous water colour, and reproduced at a higher resolution for a cleaner and modern large format 2’x3′ poster sized print [the original was about 9″x12″]. A ‘reverse engineered’ image from sampled colour palette, every dot and stroke has been done to enhance the work for modern print, re-texted and with added some composition and elements.

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