Bike-Packer for the Long Time Rider

Bike Packer

I used to ride my bike with a few guys in the summer on long trips. We rode 5-600km in 2 weeks or so. We rode in Quebec, Newfoundland and northern Scotland – which I can tell you – is not flat.

I had a school project that required 3D [Maya] and some video. We had to come up with a product to sell.

Bike Packer idea

My idea – since I loved to bike – was to create a bike pack that converted to a back pack. You could lock up your bike and hike into a spot, camp and hike back out. The idea came to me in Scotland, when we had to leave our bikes to climb a hill. You certainly couldn’t take the bike up the “Munro” hill. Unloading your bike would take seconds and you had an easy to carry pack that you could take into your hotel or hostel.

Hence – the Bike-Packer – © 2006 GraphicImprov

I’ve not been biking the last 4 years, since being injured in a car accident. I’m hoping to bike again someday. Maybe I’ll even get to make a real Bike-Packer.

In the meantime, watch what you’re doing.

Don’t text and drive. Put the phone down or use hands-free if you have to use a phone. But, really, just use some common sense. You’ll be saving more lives by waiting until you’re off the road.

Playing Chicken With Drew

Caution: Strobe effect – may cause headaches. Oh……. I slowed it down. You should be ok now.

Drew Nelson Drewster gif

Drew Nelson is

The ‘Drewster’ was one of those sketch to illustrations from so long ago and probably one of the first digital drawings I did. So… probably before most of you wore pants. The Illustrator drawing above has been tweeked with a somewhat new background and turned into an animated gif in Photoshop.

Drew is an Canadian blues singer and guitarist extraordinaire. Support your local artists, people!

They may not be there when we get back to new-nornal.

Bye Bye, Tai Ping

Today’s digital choices makes decisions so varied, it can almost be a problem making a final decision. Client involvement means further changes and not always good. People like to be able to make a contribution and they don’t know what they want until they see they don’t want that.




Take for example the above images for a local restaurant take-out menu header. [2015-ish] It’s easy to make changes in digital, make new shapes and try a dozen different good choices while working. The final choice by the owner was it was too fancy and looked too expensive and so he decided he didn’t want to change after all, so the design was tossed. All in all I did ten or so designs with variouus type faces and they only took a couple of hours of computer time. Not at all a huge loss really. Had it been from sketches to line art, it would have been a week or more just for an initial presentation and $$ out of pocket.

Not that I would have charged Nelson for a design. After over 15 years of hanging at Tai Ping, I consider him a friend. The place is gone and I will always miss him and his ‘home’ cooking, It always felt like he was doing it just for me.

The Tai Ping has gone the way of so many restaurants – victims of Covid-19. I hope we can meet again.