Ottawa’s Museum of Nature – Butterflies

Malachite Syproéta stelenes - male
Atreus Owl / Papillon chouette
Malachite Syproéta stelenes - female
Rice Paper Butterfly - Idea leuconoe
Blue Morpho - Morpho peleides
Isabella tiger / Euides Isabelle
Monarch / Monarque – Danaus plexippus

I had the opportunity to visit the exhibit before the museum closed before the March break, due to Covid-19. Here are some of my pictures, for those who couldn’t make it before it closed.

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Carving Earth, Wind and a.s.a.p. – Water

Wind Staff carving, with leather, glass and copper.
This is the Wind (Air) Staff
Earth Staff carving
This is the Earth Staff

I picked away at these for many sessions over the years. Since I haven’t been very active for a while, thought I’d upload some old ‘improv’ carvings.
Still have to find some picture(s) of the water staff.

The Wind Staff is from a walnut branch from a family farm, long gone. It encompasses glass, copper and leather, with a marine varish.

The Earth Staff is from found material. Not sure of the material, but it sure was hard to whittle. Big cracks were filled with sawdust and glue, and sometimes wood putty. Also a marine varnish.

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Hindsight is/in 2020

Hindsight in 2020
I guess we’ll see… History will tell.

I styled the President Trump “Hindsight 2020″ poster after the famous Obama ‘Hope” poster, but went with Number 45’s own glorious orange tones and complimentary blues. 

This is just a little fun with Illustrator and some Photoshop. If you’re interested in a large vector copy, help yourself to the PDF of choice for some vector fun. Vestor art can be scaled up or down, to whatever size you wish.

Click links for PDF: With US lapel button    With Russian lapel button

Maybe you like Number 45 or not, try and remember the last 4 years before you commit your vote. Mandela Effect optional.

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