I Miss You, Alpha Diner

Alfa Diner web image

Alpha Diner was a little breakfast place near Tunney’s Pasture, that closed up a few years back. I miss Danny and his mom & dad. They were the ultimate mom&pop place for simple eggs, bacon, coffee and toast … although I don’t do toast or bacon.

This design above was for the web site I built for them [2009ish]. They had so many designs for this place. There was one on the menu and at least 5 more hangin’ around the place. I took photos of them all and taking the best, made this version. There never was anything official for branding but it was the sort of place it didn’t matter. Danny was happy with every version, as long as the name was spelled right.

The site was one of my first and was built in WordPress. It had directions, the phone number and the menu. That’s it.

I was just thinking about the place yesterday [Groundhog Day]. Alpha’s disappeared in a real estate buy-up.