Digital Means Flexible

Vector Butterfly black
Vector Butterfly blue
Vector Butterfly green
Vector Butterfly red

[school assignment ~2007]

Being able to produce artwork quickly in digital means being able to change your mind as quickly as you work. It’s a freedom that has accelerated production of finished premium artwork.

Working in black & white means flexibility in colour choices, adjustable size and seeing your work in finished format on web and printing to paper to see immediately what is good and what isn’t.

Even just 20 years ago, choices in typography meant you had to choose upfront on size, font families, line spacing; send it to the type house to get set into galleys of text to be pasted up on art board to photograph to film for print. A long and expensive route to finished product.

I started in the time of true cut & paste, photo stats, rubylith and camera tricks. This digital stuff is such an improvement in many ways, but it won’t replace the sketch & think for day-dreaming ideas.