The Water Staff

Water Staff carving
Found wood, carved and varnished with Apatite tumbled stones. Copper wire wrapped ends.

This carving is from the early 2000’s. Some found wood that was heavily cracked and split along the length. It is about 5ft. long. I epoxied the heavier breaks, then carved the exaggerated ‘flow’ of the grain.

The blue apatite stones were added this month. In the event of moving and children and activity, the stick was broken along some of the more delicate wave forms. I added the stones mostly to support some of the thinner ‘waves’. It will go back on the wall away from little hands for awhile [I hope]. As it turned out I think the stones help the feeling of movement in the lines of the waves and the colour brightens things up as well.

When I can create some new working space I may get back into more stick carving