Have a Very Merry Bluesfest Experience and a Better 2021

Bluesfest Christmas card

Another “back in the day” illustration was for the Ottawa Bluesfest (2010). It was my honour to work a couple of summers at the Ottawa music festival while I got my new digital feet under me. I had gone back to school for increasing my knowledge for digital work and this was an opportunity to expand my portfolio. I ended doing more web than I was looking for, but that’s another story.

I still have to say, the Bluesfest was the most fun I’d had in years. The people there work full-tilt-boogie on prepping for the ‘fest, and wow is it fun!

This is a full Illustrator drawing using gradation shapes for the car, patterning for the holly; drop in some text and a logo and you have a holiday card. In the top edging of the chromework you’ll find the word “BLUESFEST”.

Right now we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and nearing the holidays. The vaccines are coming and hope is building for a better 2021. In the meantime, wear your mask, physical distance and see your family online.

Why? …because you’ll save lives and we can bring back the Ottawa Bluesfest sooner.

Here be Dragons – again

I found myself an olde quote:

May not the idea of the dragons, curious stories of which are chronicled in various parts of England, owe their origin, in some way or other, to the veritable existence of these large lizards in former ages? ”

Frank Buckland – 1858
Here be Dragons - from dinosaurs - web scaled

So, I reworked the image in the “Book of Old Souls” page slideshow, to let the quote and header stand out separately. The images were already assembled in Illustrator, so it was a quick adjustment that I’m much happier with.

It seemed stronger to have a quote from the near past than my own, which held the same concept. It gave it more validity in that since the discovery of the dinosaurs bones, the question has been around. How do people know of creatures that disappeared thousands of millennia ago? Were the bones dug up before as civilization began?

Hindsight is/in 2020

Hindsight in 2020
I guess we’ll see… History will tell.

I styled the President Trump “Hindsight 2020″ poster after the famous Obama ‘Hope” poster, but went with Number 45’s own glorious orange tones and complimentary blues. 

This is just a little fun with Illustrator and some Photoshop. If you’re interested in a large vector copy, help yourself to the PDF of choice for some vector fun. Vestor art can be scaled up or down, to whatever size you wish.

Click links for PDF: With US lapel button    With Russian lapel button

Maybe you like Number 45 or not, try and remember the last 4 years before you commit your vote. Mandela Effect optional.